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Help App - Befrienders Worldwide Launch

 Befrienders have launched a Help App which will allow users to find their nearest emotional support helpcentre, wherever in the world they are. This Help App will run on a mobile phone or PC.

Click on the link to run the Help App: https://www.help.befrienders.org

Further details about the Help App have been sent to all Befriender Help Centres and these can be viewed by clicking here.

 Covid-19 virus

Befrienders Worldwide and our members around the world are fully aware and touched by the extreme challenges we are facing with the Covid-19 virus. We know how difficult it is to experience sudden restrictions on our lives, including the impact on our family and on our relationships, the impact on our working lives, and the sense of loss that we feel when we are physically isolated. Click here to read the whole document.

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Please find a link to an article written by Professor Brian L Mishara Ph.D (University du Quebec, Montreal, Canada) on "Talking to children about death" At the end of the article there are some links to sites which may be helpful to parents and teachers who are trying to help grieving children - Click Here

Please find a link below to the E-Book My CARE (Confinement Attitude & Resilience E-Book) which has been produced by our BW member Sourire De Reda, Casablanca Branch, Morocco

BW hopes that as many youngsters as possible follow the recommendations that are offered in the E-Book- Click Here




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